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[DPRG] Robomower RL 1000 - $250 (Addison)

Subject: [DPRG] Robomower RL 1000 - $250 (Addison)
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Fri Mar 26 10:58:28 CDT 2010

The robomower is gone! I wonder how much did it go for...

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Subject: [DPRG] Robomower RL 1000 - $250 (Addison)

I saw quite a deal on a used Robomower on craigslist.  It probably has all sorts of cool parts and/or would be neat to put a new brain into.  The giant spinning blades might make one a bit cautious but heck some think it's not fun unless there's a chance of losing a limb.  Link: http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/for/1658073659.html
Oh also, if anyone wants to run a remote controlled robot I'm planning to take one or two to a graffiti prevention event at Hector P. Garcia middle school tomorrow.  I'm afraid there's no money - I'm doing it probono because the Dallas PD public safety education department has been put on a tight budget leash and they can't pay anything.  The event is 9-2:30 but I was figuring to be there 9-12. Let me know if you're interested. david at proboticsamerica.com<mailto:david at proboticsamerica.com>
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