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[DPRG] Lithium Ion Batteries from BGMicro

Subject: [DPRG] Lithium Ion Batteries from BGMicro
From: jdrumm9015 at aol.com jdrumm9015 at aol.com
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:48:48 CDT 2010

  I bought I few of these and chopped off the tiny connector and replaced it with something ending on tenth of an inch centers.  I then test charged them with just a DC power supply and a battery to limit the current.  They seemed to take the charge just fine.  I forget the exact current I used other then it was a small amount so I could leave the batteries charging overnight with little fear of over charging.  I have no idea if the "protection circuitry" did anything to aid or hinder my slow trickle charge.

John Drummond

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Subject: [DPRG] Lithium Ion Batteries from BGMicro

Hi everyone,
I remember a few people getting these small lithium-ion batteries from
GMicro when were still meeting at the warehouse:
The description mentions that it has some protection circuitry.  Is
his 'true' protection circuitry?   Can I, for example, charge these
ith a series resistor to limit current off a 5V line indefinitely?  I
ould just try it and write off any destroyed cells as experimentation
ut for Li-Ion batteries' tendency to start fireworks.
I know that it general you can't do this, but the description suggests
t has some smarts built in, which usually means that you can.
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