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[DPRG] roomba's girlfriend

Subject: [DPRG] roomba's girlfriend
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Nov 1 12:23:36 CDT 2010

wow! is that a german roomba? too expensive for me though.

the trash bin in the base is too small. i'm thinking of using a 10gal wet/dry 
maybe we can robotize the wet/dry vac to roll itself to the dumpster outside and 
dump its contents....    a completely self sufficient cleaning system that 
rarely needs cleaning.
i say 'rarely' because sometimes i have to flip roomba upside-down and dig crap 
out of his brush.

hey, can we program the roomba to 'spit' things out of his brush instead of just 
beeping and blinking? all he has to do is reverse the spin of the brush and roll 
backwards about a foot...   kinda like what a cat does when coughing up 

RoBoTrOcK =]


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On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 11:30 AM, vincent lopresti <spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com> 

okay, i love the roomba vacuum...      except when i have to empty the dirt 
conainer. it may be easy for you normal guys but i have paralyzed hands. 
therefore, anything i can get my robots to do for me the less i get frustrated.
>i want to modify the dirt container with a vacuum port on the top. when the 
>roomba parks to recharge, it...
>1. activates a simple actuator to lower a hose from a wet/dry vac over the 
>roomba's new vac port.
>2. powers up the wet/dry vac for a few seconds.
>3. raises wet/dry hose when finished.
>has this been accomplished already? if not, would anyone like to help with this 
>RoBoTrOcK =]
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>Look at how the Karcher RC3k does it.  I know it empties itself.

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