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[DPRG] OT: Job openings at HP

Subject: [DPRG] OT: Job openings at HP
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Fri Nov 5 05:07:58 CDT 2010

DPRG folks - HP has a number of job openings for firmware/software
engineers. To find more about the job numbers below, go to the HP job search
tool at
And search for these job numbers:
483825 - in Houston, developing SW to update firmware
434731 - in Las Colinas, developing firmware for Superdome 2
427966 - in Ft Collins, CO, developing firmware for Superdome 2. Location
may be flexible for the right candidates.

When the job searcher shows the position, click on it to get the full

You can find out more about Superdome 2 here:

If you catch me at an RBNO I can tell you more about the positions.



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