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[DPRG] OT: Korg analog sound synthesizer - the Monotron

Subject: [DPRG] OT: Korg analog sound synthesizer - the Monotron
From: Jeff Koenig koenig.jeff at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 10 19:02:52 CST 2010

I ran across this new low-cost Korg analog music synthesizer today, and was
delighted at a marketing tactic that Korg has chosen to take for a consumer


Way back when, many electronic devices (particularly radios and televisions)
came with schematics.  There was even an aftermarket company called "Sams"
that sold "Photofacts" - pages with schematics with pictures of waveforms
and other information so you could do your own repairs.  One of my first
forays into electronics, when I was about 12, was repairing a damaged
Admiral color TV (yes, it had vacuum tubes).

Anyhow, Korg seems to be embracing the hacker (in the original, benevolent
form of the word) community.  If you fill out this on-line indemnification
form, they'll e-mail the Monotron's schematics to you in PDF form.  (It's
kind of sad that they feel the need to have people "sign" something, but the
agreement seems fair.)

It looks like they are actually looking forward to owners modifying the
circuitry itself.  Compare this with other companies which have draconian
terms for doing any modifications to "their" devices.

I applaud Korg's direction, and hope it works well for them.  I also hope
that to this mindset takes hold elsewhere!

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