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[DPRG] Vex Robotics sponsor badge on DPRG website

Subject: [DPRG] Vex Robotics sponsor badge on DPRG website
From: Paul Bouchier paul.bouchier at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 12 04:44:58 CST 2010

DPRG folks - next time you go to our website at http://www.dprg.org take a
look at the banner. It now shows Vex robotics as a DPRG sponsor. Vex has
sponsored the DPRG to a level that enables us to have RBNO at the Dallas
Makerspace every Tuesday. We are grateful for the generosity of Bob, Paul
and the team at Vex. Watch for announcements of further collaborations
between DPRG and Vex Robotics.

The DPRG has made huge strides this year. We started the year as a nomadic
club, and are ending with a regular meeting space with lots of cool tools
(including Glenn's really neato laser cutter) and a major sponsor. I want to
say a big thank you to all the officers (including past-prez Ed)! They've
all really made it happen in a big way through their hard work and efforts.
Each of your officers has contributed in a lot of ways over the year to get
us to where we're at. Be sure to express your appreciation to them when you
see them. Life is good!

Paul Bouchier

DPRG President
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