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[DPRG] Few Notes on Roborama 2010b

Subject: [DPRG] Few Notes on Roborama 2010b
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sun Nov 14 19:24:21 CST 2010

First a big thanks to Paul,Doug and Glenn for their big time effort  
invested into contest at Museum of Nature and Science.
The following is my _limited_ snapshot of the contest -- please add /  
correct me -- I missed a great deal.
Thought maybe some commentary might reduce time, others might have to spend 
 writing some comments..
Many folks attended the contest including guest presence of Vex and some of 
 their coo robots and students from Caddo Mills High School who 
demonstrated  their robot. Will Kuhnle has been mentoring them for at least  two years. 
-- fantastic job Will! 
Nice to see past DPRG president, Bob Jordan, too.
John Swindle demonstrated his sound locator beacon technology tied to a  
Roomba for navigating Square Dance.   I assume Paul worked with John  on this 
project? John won DaVinci for his work in robot location using audible  
sound. Cool.
Jeff Koenig had a robot in every contest including a sensorless "dumb"  
robot that got him a 2nd place!
Sends a real message to some of us that could have made an entry, but left  
their robot that "was not good enough" at home.  Also, Jeff made good on  
using some of the Vex goodies given away at our visit to their  facility 
making a robot that competed in table top. 
John Abshier smoked the line following contest with a very nimble robot  -- 
Micro mouse next John?
Eric built a lego robot that withstood hours of kids playing with in RC  
mode, then was able to win outdoor RoboColumbus contest. I think Eric competed 
 in about every contest too.
Many new faces, wish I had spent more time meeting. Many past faces, not  
present, missed.
I think the contest had a real buzz about it maybe it was all the young  
kids who were very entertained by the VEX robots and Eric's Lego robot which 
had  RC mode and provided much interactive experience for the kids.
Still I wonder, just me talking, if there is a way to target a greater mix  
of older kids who might be more ready to go after doing autonomous robots. 
Maybe  we are talking college age+.
I guess I am wondering if there is a way to deliver better experience for  
kids and better for adults. Hmm -- maybe not practical at one event??
Anyway, looking forward to next contest and having a little more to offer  
up in robots.
OK, one robot, one day, did not work -- 2 of my 3 robots were in  the large 
paper weight class. 
Ron Grant
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