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[DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?
From: Paul Burrell peburrell at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Nov 17 18:32:55 CST 2010

Yes, it is a CNC mill, not a CNC router or manual mill.  About a 1 1/2 ton 
machine.   Really solid.   Bought it more for metal cutting, not wood cutting.   
It included a controller, but didn't like it.   Pulled it off and retrofitted 
with a emc2 pc based controller.    

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$1500 for a CNC mill? or just for a Manual Mill?

38" x 12" x/y - That's a like 3/4ton machine.

For my CNC router, I originally followed:

I'm not using rollerchain for my long axis though.  I'm using threaded
rods (1/2" for x/y, 1/4" for z)

There's a lot of trade offs, first you just have how big the machine
is and what it's made out of.  Smaller aluminum or wood based machines
are generally not going to be able to deal with much deflection, so
you won't be carving helmets out of T6 aluiminum:

There's also how quick you will burn out the motor driving the cutting
tools, which is a real issue in using routers or something else
"cheap" like that.  There's also the accuracy of the CNC motion
equipment and it is much harder then a lot of people give it credit.


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