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[DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Thu Nov 18 08:08:47 CST 2010

Hi Group,

I already built my CNC machine, but I don't think this thing is going to work very well. However, since so many people seem to have gone with this route, let me ask then:

1. What CAM SW should I go with?

I am using MACH3 on my PC and the machine "works". There are quite a bit of unaccuracies which is why I was considering buying a real machine. But maybe my machine can be made to work if I were to find the motivation to continue the project.

Unfortunately, MACH3 comes with CHEAPO-CAM or, LAZY-CAM, which seems to me is virtually worthless. I mean is free, so what can we expect? If I want to do 3D stuff, lazy cam will not be it. If I want to do 2D stuff then it should be enough. But I want the 3D!

I do not have hundreds of dollars to toss into mid air in the hopes that the junky piece of crap I built is going to work, so I am not considering expending any money, if possible.

What do you guys recommend?

Also, let me take advantage of this opportunity to ask about the router. What you guys are saying is that I should transform the router into a turret with a belt so the motor is not driven out to kingdom come? The problem with this aspect of the project is that there is very little info out there on how to achieve it. I am actually thinking is not that easy at all! Hopefully I am wrong...

As always, thanks for your input!



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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:38 AM, Quinones, Jose <jquinones at ti.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I think at some point in time I learned about these not ridiculously
> expensive (AKA $5K to $10K) CNC routers/engravers/mills which could be used
> to generate 3D parts.
> Of course when I google for this topic I get a terazillion links on all the
> industrial CNC equipment not meant to be enjoyed by hobbyists like you and
> me, unless your rich uncle expires and by pure luck leaves the entire
> inheritance to your name. I don’t even have a rich uncle, so any reference
> to an economical CNC router/mill/engraver will be appreciated.
> Me and a work buddy are looking for a machine good enough to make aluminum
> panels. Not needed to build race car pistons or golf clubs. Thanks for your
> input!
> Best regards,
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Engraving is somewhat a totally different market from milling and CNC routing.

Ultimately you have to pick one. :D

What build area do you need?  There's quite a few hobbyist grade
units, plus there's always the DIY version.  I currently have a CNC
router that does about 4'x8' but it's not particularly fast and it
cost me $1200 or so to build (plus maybe 50 hours of build time.)

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