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[DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for a CNC Mill?
From: Dave Hylands dhylands at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 18 11:52:30 CST 2010


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 6:08 AM, Quinones, Jose <jquinones at ti.com> wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I already built my CNC machine, but I don't think this thing is going to work very well. However, since so many people seem to have gone with this route, let me ask then:
> 1. What CAM SW should I go with?

I really like SheetCAM

It works really well for what's commonly referred to as 2.5D (which is
what I do most of the time).

I documented the overall process that I use:

> I am using MACH3 on my PC and the machine "works". There are quite a bit of unaccuracies which is why I was considering buying a real machine. But maybe my machine can be made to work if I were to find the motivation to continue the project.
> Unfortunately, MACH3 comes with CHEAPO-CAM or, LAZY-CAM, which seems to me is virtually worthless. I mean is free, so what can we expect? If I want to do 3D stuff, lazy cam will not be it. If I want to do 2D stuff then it should be enough. But I want the 3D!

For full blown 3D stuff (like machining a human face), then you may
want to consider MeshCAM

It works for 2.5D stuff as well, but it isn't very efficient for those
types of parts.

Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada

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