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[DPRG] September DPRG talk: localization using audio

Subject: [DPRG] September DPRG talk: localization using audio
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Mon Sep 6 19:03:31 CDT 2010

DPRG members - save the date for next Saturday 9/11, and come to the DPRG
monthly meeting & talk, which will be held at the Garland library, north
branch (usual location) beginning at noon. 

We are fortunate to have member John Swindle as a speaker. He will describe
and demonstrate a technique for determining a robot's position in 2-D space
with an accuracy of an inch or so using sound. The technique has exceptional
noise tolerance (-30dB S/N).

We will have a 30-minute show'n'tell before the talk. (I'm sorry we ran so
long last month we didn't have time for a show'n'tell.)


Paul Bouchier

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