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[DPRG] Holders for rotary encoder disks

Subject: [DPRG] Holders for rotary encoder disks
From: brianmerritt at att.net brianmerritt at att.net
Date: Fri Sep 10 19:56:23 CDT 2010

James, you could get a set or two of drill stops at Harbor Freight to use as
hubs for your encoder wheels.  The stops are collars with set screws that
are used to clamp on drill bits to control the depth of holes.  They are
sold in sets of various sizes starting at about 1/8” going up to about 3/8”
(my guess).  I got a set at a local H.F. a while back. They where made on a
lathe type machine so they are pretty true and accurate.  They have flat
faces you could easily glue encoder wheels to.  If you need a different or
metric size, you could drill some out on a drill press or lathe.  Also if
you need a couple the same size you might be able to drill two from the same
set out to the same size since the walls are about ¼” thick (my guess).  The
set I bought only cost a few dollars, and you might be able to find a 20%
off coupon on line by searching for H.F. coupon.








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Subject: [DPRG] Holders for rotary encoder disks


I am looking for sources for hubs or holders that I can use to attach a thin
etched metal or thin plastic rotary encoder disk to various sized shafts of
small electric motors. Are there any storefronts (i.e. retail sources) in
the DFW area? Also, looking for similar sources on the web.

Thanks in advance!





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