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[DPRG] Software Freedom Day event this Saturday

Subject: [DPRG] Software Freedom Day event this Saturday
From: Steve Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Wed Sep 15 13:42:04 CDT 2010

Software Freedom Day is coming up this Saturday, Sep 18 from 1pm-6pm.
Dallas Makerspace is hosting the Dallas portion of this annual,
world-wide event. Here's the official info:

Software Freedom Day at Dallas Makerspace

If you write free software, use free software, or want to learn about
software freedom, come join us for Software Freedom Day. We have free
swag (free as in free beer) from the Free Software Foundation, Redhat,
and Canonical. That means we'll have Redhat Fedora GNU/Linux CDs, Ubuntu
GNU/Linux CDs, free software stickers, GPL stickers, anti-DRM (digital
restrictions management) stickers, FSF newsletters, and more. We're
planning short talks about a wide range of free software related topics.
We're working on talks about Arduino, Robotics, Blender, Server
Management, Perl, and more.

Want to free your computer? Bring your computer along with you! We'll
have experts on hand who can help you install GNU/Linux on your computer
with a choice of the latest versions of either Fedora or Ubunutu.

More info include map and direction can be found on our website:



Oh, and we've got a couple of slots left open in the schedule, so if
anyone else wants to do a 15 min talk on a free software related topic,
let me know. Also, feel free to bring any robots you've got that are
running open hardware or free software.


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