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[DPRG] Continuous rotation servo question

Subject: [DPRG] Continuous rotation servo question
From: paradug paradug at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 6 10:56:04 CST 2011

  Does the servo have a small hole in the side that you could insert a small 
screwdriver? .  Some continuous rotation servos have a zero position 
adjustment screw.

 Also try hobbypartz's online chat support to see if they can help. I have 
had good luck with EXI servos and hobbypartz In the past, though I have 
never used the B1226.


From: "Paul Bouchier" <bouchier at classicnet.net>
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011 9:49 AM
To: <dprglist at dprg.org>
Subject: [DPRG] Continuous rotation servo question

> Does anyone know about these beasties?
> I understand how it works when you modify a regular servo to disconnect 
> the
> sense pot from the output shaft, and you set up the sense pot so that 
> 1.5ms
> input pulse holds it stationary, and if you give it say 1.4ms it goes
> continuously in one direction, and 1.6ms sends it continuously in the 
> other
> direction, 1.7ms the same but faster.
> I bought a "continuous rotation servo" from hobbypartz - the EXI B1226
> http://www.hobbypartz.com/12exiseb1.html
> and it works differently. It looks like it's seeking to a spot when I
> increase the pulse width: it lurches clockwise then stops with each
> increment of pulse width. Then when I start decrementing pulse width it
> lurches counterclockwise then stops each time I decrement pulse width. 
> When
> it reaches minimum pulse width I reset the pulse width to 1.5ms and it 
> does
> about 2 turns clockwise then stops. It's almost as if it has a delay and 
> the
> servo is driven by the difference between current input and a delayed
> version of current input. I can't even imagine how you would use such a
> thing. Or do you think it's faulty? (2 units do the same thing.)
> Are there different styles of continuous rotation servos? If so, what 
> should
> I look for to get one that is stopped at 1.5ms pulse width, and goes one
> direction for pulses longer than 1.5ms, and the other direction for pulses
> less than 1.5ms?
> (I'm looking to buy one - don't have time to make one.) Parallax & 
> sparkfun
> both have "continuous rotation servos" but I don't want to get burned 
> again.
> Thanks
> Paul
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