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FW: [DPRG] Reminder: This Saturday DPRG monthly meeting talk: build PCBs using transfer toner method

Subject: FW: [DPRG] Reminder: This Saturday DPRG monthly meeting talk: build PCBs using transfer toner method
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Thu Feb 10 07:56:24 CST 2011

Answering the question from Bob on the list:

Here is a photo of the partially completed chassis:
Here's a photo of a much grander version than the TinyWanderer:
TinyWanderer is based on the Oomlout SERB chassis, but uses an ATtiny85 for
a brain, with a bare minimum of electronics, which can readily be

The whole point of the talk series is not to build a robot, but to show how
to build a wide variety of things which involve electronics, firmware and
mechanical parts using cheap or free tools.


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> meeting talk: build PCBs using transfer toner method
> Paul,
> Do you have a link to a completed or similar robot? 
> TinyWanderer robot 
> Thx
> bob
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> Subject: [DPRG] Reminder: This Saturday DPRG monthly meeting 
> talk: build PCBs using transfer toner method
> DPRG and Dallas Makerspace Members,
> This is a reminder that the first talk in our series "How to 
> build things out of electronics, firmware and mechanics using 
> free or cheap tools & techniques". Doug Paradis will show us 
> how to use the transfer toner method to build PCBs. We will 
> show the TinyWanderer robot, which you can build using these 
> techniques. Bring a little money if you want us to buy some 
> of the major components you'll need. The deluxe route runs 
> around $60, and goes down from there, depending on how much 
> work you want to do yourself. The design will be available 
> and is easily modified to fit a wide variety of purposes.
> -------------
> Background
> How many times have you wanted to build an electronic or 
> electromechanical project that had a handful of I/Os and 
> needed a little smarts and had a physical presence, but you 
> didn't know where to start? Over the next 3 or 4 months, the 
> DPRG will hold a series of talks at our monthly meetings 
> covering topics in physical computing which will address that need.
> We will cover areas useful to those who build projects which 
> involve construction of electronics, firmware, and/or 
> mechanical pieces. While the talks will not teach you how to 
> be a circuit designer, firmware programmer, or mechanical 
> engineer, they will show you how to combine your existing 
> knowledge in those areas with inexpensive or free tools and 
> techniques to bring projects to life which involve one or 
> more of those disciplines.
> I'm excited to announce our first three talks:
> 1.	Feb 12: How to build circuit boards using the transfer 
> toner method
> - Doug Paradis
> 2.	March 12: How to design with and program the Atmel 
> ATtiny family of
> microcontrollers - Dale Wheat
> 3.	April 9: Embedded programming techniques and robot 
> firmware - Paul
> Bouchier
> Follow-on topics will be selected based on interest, and may include: 
> o How to capture schematics and design circuit boards using 
> free tools 
> o How to use free tools to create mechanical designs for the 
> laser cutter
> The talks will be accompanied by construction of a project. 
> Attendees will have the opportunity to build a (naturally 
> enough) small robot, using the techniques described, and a 
> design which can be modified as desired. The techniques 
> described are applicable to a wide variety of embedded system 
> projects.
> Meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 
> beginning at noon at the Dallas Makerspace, and are open to 
> all. The calendar is at: http://www.dprg.org/calendar.html 
> and contains the address and a map. A more detailed map can 
> be found here: http://tinyurl.com/DMS-entry
> Regards
> Paul Bouchier
> DPRG President
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