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From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Fri Feb 11 00:52:39 CST 2011

Our elections officer reports he has only 29 votes as of yesterday. 42 are
needed or the vote will be invalid. Please please please if you haven't sent
in your vote, follow the simple instructions a-e below and help make the
vote valid (help reach quorum of 42 members voting).



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> Subject: Plea: Please vote on the proposed bylaws changes
> DPRG members,
> Our elections officer, Bob Jordan, tells me he has 19 votes 
> so far. Thank you to those who've voted. 
> We need 42 to make quorum. I can accept if the members vote 
> down the proposals (the members would have spoken), but we've 
> worked hard enough that I don't want to see it die because of 
> lack of quorum.
> A suggested template is included below. 
>   a. Just compose an email to dprgvote at gmail.com
>   b. Copy the form into the VERY TOP of your voting email. 
>   c. Enter your name in place of the [Voters Name Here] 
>   d. Change the Dis/Agree to "Disagree" or "Agree" by each number 
>   e. Send the email
> You are welcome to include short comments on any items, with 
> your vote. Bob will tally the votes and present them 
> (anonymously) at the monthly meeting next Saturday.
> You are welcome to discuss the proposed changes on the 
> dprglist at dprg.org if you wish.
> .---- Example Voting Form: --------------------
> [Voters Name Here]
> Dis/Agree	1.	Allow electronic voting by members 
> using email or other technologies
> Dis/Agree	2.	Make bylaws voting compatible with 
> electronic member voting
> Dis/Agree 	3.	Allow any number of advisors to the 
> DPRG board of directors; allow board meetings with remote 
> participants.
> Dis/Agree	4.	Allow the board to appoint honorary members
> Dis/Agree	5.	Allow member dues changes to be made at 
> any meeting, not just the annual (January) members meeting
> Dis/Agree	6.	Delete sentence which refers to a club 
> credit card which no longer exists
> Dis/Agree	7.	Increase annual dues from $20 to $40
> .---- end -------------------------- 
> Below is the background on the items being voted on and where 
> to find more information.
> As discussed at the January annual members meeting, your 
> board wants to make certain changes to the bylaws, 
> principally to enable members to vote electronically, but 
> also to tidy up certain elements of the bylaws. With 87 
> members, and a typical monthly meeting attendance around 25, 
> we will never get quorum for a member vote. The primary 
> intent is to enable members to vote electronically without 
> reducing the quorum (which may make the club susceptible to 
> factions). There are disadvantages to voting by proxy (how 
> this vote is being done), which we wish to overcome.
> We discussed the proposed changes at the January members 
> meeting, and made certain changes based on member input. We 
> will hold a vote on the changes at the February 12 monthly 
> meeting, and our elections officer, Bob Jordan, will cast the 
> proxy votes received by email. Members may vote at the 
> meeting if they desire.
> A pdf markup of the proposed changes to the bylaws is at: 
> http://tinyurl.com/2011FebBylawsProposedChanges and the 
> explanations below refer to section numbers in the bylaws. 
> The markup is best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
> 1.	A new section, 4.7.1, is added, incorporating wording 
> from the Texas Business Operating Code, which allows 
> electronic voting and specifies the general process to be 
> used. The board makes a proposal, the members have 2 weeks to 
> review and discuss it, then it is discussed in a member 
> meeting, then it is voted on for 2 weeks. Also, 4.7 is 
> extended to show that such votes are actions of the members.
> 2.	Article 15 (amending bylaws) is made compatible with 
> the member electronic voting process in the new section 4.7.1.
> 3.	The board wants to appoint advisors who can help us go 
> after grants. The current limit of 5 advisors is too low. See 
> section 2.1. Also, the board should be able to meet using 
> teleconferences or other remote communications technology 
> (section 2.7). 
> 4.	Certain individuals who are club benefactors, or who 
> need to be members but can't receive benefits, should be 
> given honorary (non-voting) membership gratis. See changes in 
> 4.1 - 4.5.
> 5.	The board wants to increase member dues (see later 
> explanation), but section 4.4.1 only permits this to be done 
> at the annual members meeting (January). The change permits 
> this to be done at any meeting..
> 6.	No-one could explain the reference to "obligating the 
> credit" until past-president Bob Jordan explained that that 
> referred to a credit card in the club's name. There is no 
> longer a card, so we want to delete the reference.
> 7.	The board wishes to increase the revenue from member 
> dues so that it can purchase Directors Insurance, and can 
> build a funding cushion to help us meet the Makerspace 
> obligations, should that become necessary. Dues haven't 
> changed since the 1990's, but the inflation has eaten into 
> buying power, and the value provided by the club (in terms of 
> Makerspace access) has increased.
> Please tolerate us - I'm going to ask the board to run a "get 
> out the vote" campaign, and you may receive more than one 
> reminder, even if you've voted. (The board doesn't know who 
> voted and who didn't.)
> Thanks for your support
> Paul Bouchier & the DPRG Board

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