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[DPRG] IBM's Watson to play on Jeopardy 2/14-16

Subject: [DPRG] IBM's Watson to play on Jeopardy 2/14-16
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Feb 14 11:44:40 CST 2011

Thanks for Posting Brian
Yes, I caught part of the Nova that Mike mentioned. Cool stuff.
I know this info is probably on the internet, but this is what I  caught:
(Maybe someone can find nice link..)
Tricky syntax / semantics analysis of weird questions (or weird Jeopardy  
answers that is)
2800 processors  (10 racks)
Bunch of data imported from Internet so they could do local  searches with 
a contained "brain" + more importantly do many searches in  parallel -- 
something that would not be possible with just one Internet  connection.
Database of old Jeopardy questions to assist in semantic  analysis.
Huge database of millions (6 million?) of semantic (correct term?)  rules.
I think a final part of the project was to add ability to analyze wrong  
answers from other contestants.
Also ability to know confidence level in its answers to guide program on  
when to answer...
~ $10 million ? spent in R/D for this project (and of course its use in  
many applications...)
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