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From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Feb 19 14:40:24 CST 2011

thanks for thinking of me. unfortunately, i lack the min requirements. plus, i dislike florida. cali maybe.
hey, my power stand-up wheelchair is now broken. medicare says it's too costly to repair. so, i'm thinking of using some of the parts to make my own walking suit. the modification will be simple....
1. remove the base from the standing frame
2. split leg hardware into 2 seperate units. [will need extra linear actuator]
3. mount batteries onto the rear side of leg support.
4. attach drive wheel to each foot support.
with this reconfiguration, the user would be able to make individual rolling steps [up or down stairs & curbs] as well as rolling and turning while standing. 
i've seen many variations of exoskeletons, military-grade, HAL, Rewalk, etc. however, even the ones designed for the partially disabled are very cumbersome and awkward to put on and take off. i'm focusing on a design that is made for severely disabled individuals such as myself. i have no muscle activity from chest down. i also have no finger dexterity. most designs hold you in place with dozens of velcro straps. very difficult for me to deal with. the unique design i'm focusing on eliminates all straps making the unit quick & easy to put or and remove.
i'm re-organizing the robot lab for this project. everyone is welcome to come by and help out! :)
checkout the lab at http://www.livevideo.com/spaceminers
robotrock =]

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From: Randy M. Dumse <rmd at newmicros.com>
Subject: FW: [robotics-worldwide] mechanical engineer opening
To: "'vincent lopresti'" <spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, February 18, 2011, 4:45 PM

Vincent, thought you might find this job offering interesting,
because it's right up your special interests. Let me know if
this email address works. I got it off DPRG list. Randy 

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Subject: [robotics-worldwide] mechanical engineer opening

Mechanical Design Engineer

Starting Date: March 15, 2011, depending on applicant's

Location: Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition,
Pensacola, FL

Application Deadline: Open until filled.

Ideal Candidate: Mechanical/biomechanical/mechatronic engineer
with 3 years of experience designing robotic systems. Experience
with biomechanics and biomechanical systems is a plus.
Experience with composite materials and rapid prototyping a
plus. Candidate must have experience with a parametric solid
modeling software, such as SolidWorks or ProE, and performing
finite element analysis within one of these CAD packages. Must
have experience creating mechanical manufacturing drawings. Must
have knowledge of basic mechatronic principles, including
motors, encoders, and sensors. A strong candidate will have
object oriented programing experience, especially Java, and
knowledge of feedback controls. Must have good communication and
documentation skills, and thrive in both a team and individual

Minimum requirements for the successful candidate:

.      Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or similar

.      3 years of experience designing robotic systems or
advanced degree in related field

.      Authorized to work in the United States

Job Description: Design next generation robotic orthosis
(exoskeleton) for paraplegic mobility assistance. Perform
mechanical design and design analysis, work on a team designing
the robot/exoskeleton, create manufacturing drawings, interface
with machine shops, specify and order parts, and assist in
assembly and operation. In addition, assist in writing control
software and evaluating the robot and/or exoskeleton. Salary is

To Apply: Email to robotjobs at ihmc.us the following:

a) Resume

b) Examples of your work. Preferably provide a web link to your
designs showing pictures, computer models of the design, and
mechanical drawings.

c) Cover letter detailing your experience and interest and how
it relates to designing robotic exoskeletons. This cover letter
with specific reference to this position and work project
examples are required to be considered.

Applications without these three items will not be considered.

IHMC is an AA/EEO Employer.

Brooke Layton

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