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[DPRG] Introducing Enchanting

Subject: [DPRG] Introducing Enchanting
From: Clinton Blackmore clinton.blackmore at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 5 14:53:33 CST 2011

Interesting.  There really is something to be said for having an itch to be
scratched (no pun intended).  That is awesome how your younger daughter has
learned a bunch of technologies to do bigger and better things.  (Be sure to
give her a pat on the back!)

I have posted to the Scratch Advanced forum and the Scratch Sensor Board
forum.  I suppose I can "advertise" by uploading projects in Scratch that
communicate with robots written in Enchanting ... but the software isn't
that far along yet : )

I didn't know there were more girls using (and uploading projects from)
Scratch than boys.  That's great news.

It is worth pointing out that you can control Lego WeDo robots from Scratch,
and that PicoCricket robots are really fun for people with a crafty bent.

Thanks for the information, and I wish your daughter well -- I'll see what I
can do to help her show you up on those sensors : )

Clinton Blackmore

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 1:20 PM, <warm38 at juno.com> wrote:

>  Both of my daughters got interested in webkinz.  The younger found out
> that she could have a "guide page".  From there she saw all sorts of "neat"
> guide pages and started learning HTML coding on her own to fancy her guide
> page.  From there she got into doing entire web pages.  Also she discovered
> Scratch and started doing her own games and "operating systems" complete
> with applications.  She has also branched out into xml while she was playing
> Glest (the game setups are in xml and she wanted to set up a game to suit
> herself). The older daughter did not choose this path.  She played with
> webkins and other computer games but only as a user.
> Both of my daughters made a ServoMag "Robot for under $50" but that was
> because I was working with a local homeschooling boy doing that and they
> wanted in on the action with Daddy.
> How do you motivate them or interest them?  I dunno.
> They built the ServoMag robot to compete for "Daddy time" -- I think.
> The younger one was competing for having the best guide site and she wrote
> games and OS's because she thought she could do better that what she saw.
> The younger one heard about modkit and suddenly got interested in Arduino
> provided she has a modkit -- which wasn't released at the time and I forgot
> about it until I saw your site).  LEGO robots being run with Scratch has
> renewed her interest in other uses for Scratch, ones that are here and
> real-world.  (note to self: Get busy with those robot sensors or get shown
> up by a little runt).
> The younger one says that the Scratch interface will interest a lot more
> girls because on the Scratch webiste there are more user names on the girls
> list than the boys list.  She has 3 pages of games she has done and more to
> upload that she has worked on "offline".  Try posting "advertising" on the
> Scratch site.
> On Wed, 5 Jan 2011 11:29:43 -0700 Clinton Blackmore <
> clinton.blackmore at gmail.com> writes:
> Hi Wade.
> On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 10:11 AM,  <warm38 at juno.com> wrote:
>>  Oops.  My 11 yr old daughter saw it.  She has been programming Scratch
>> for the last year (and has done 3 business websites and 2 church websites).
>> So now YOU may have cost me the price of a LEGO Mindstorms setup!  Or at
>> least given me an excuse so that *I* can get one.  But I'll blame you for
>> whichever. 8-)
> Dear me.  Words can not express the depth of my sorrow that you might have
> no choice but to obtain an NXT set  ;-)  Do remember that Enchanting is
> still very early, but by golly, I'm working on it as fast as I can, and I'd
> love to hear about your daughter's experiences with it.
> On a side note, as one who teaches lego robotics courses, do you know how I
> can get more girls interested?
>  I have heard that someone "out there" is working on Scratch for the
>> Arduino.  Do you have any info on that?
> I asked that same question myself<http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/2024/is-there-a-scratch-like-arduino-ide>.
>  The project you are looking for is modkit <http://www.modk.it/>.  I
> believe you can join to become an alpha tester.
> I'd like to add that Enchanting has been designed to be extended for use on
> other devices, such as the Arduino, but that is not my focus at the moment.
>  wade smith
>> former member now residing in Florida
>> On Wed, 5 Jan 2011 09:28:12 -0700 Clinton Blackmore <
>> clinton.blackmore at gmail.com> writes:
>> Greetings, Dallas Personal Robotics Group.
>> Visiting from Alberta, Canada, I was fortunate enough to attend your
>> weekly meeting last night, and pleased to meet several of you.
>> I showed off the project I'm working on and was asked to post about it
>> here.  I've been working on a project called Enchanting (
>> http://enchanting.robotclub.ab.ca ) to make it easier for young
>> roboticists to program their LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots. Take a look at the
>> video on the site (and, if you like, download and install the software!)
>> Cheers,
>> Clinton Blackmore
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