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[DPRG] Saturday DPRG Monthly Meeting and Talk: Building stuff out of firmware, electronics & hardware: part 2

Subject: [DPRG] Saturday DPRG Monthly Meeting and Talk: Building stuff out of firmware, electronics & hardware: part 2
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Sun Mar 6 21:27:49 CST 2011

DPRG and DMS folks,
This saturday March 12 at noon at the Dallas Makerspace we will have the 2nd
presentation in the series "How to make stuff that uses electronics,
firmware and mechanics using cheap or free tools". Last time, Doug Paradis
shows us how to build PCBs. This time, Dale Wheat will show us how to
connect schematics to firmware and make stuff real. We will use the
TinyWanderer robot shown in the video below as a prototypical example of
simple electronics and firmware integrated together. Many other applications
are possible; what you can do with electronics and firmware is limited only
by your imagination.
Warning: if you've never looked at a schematic, or never written a line of
code, you'll likely be lost. 
If you have done either or both of those, this talk will be useful for
showing you how to use the ATtiny (or conceptually any microcontroller) to
do things with electronics and firmware.
The topics covered will be: ATtiny schematics, connecting schematics to
code, toolchain, structure of an ATtiny program, periperals, state machines.
(Yes it's a pretty broad swath across embedded/physical computing.)
I hope to see you there
Paul Bouchier & Dale Wheat

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I have attached a youTube link to a video of the TinyWanderer in action. The
TinyWanderer is the robot project being built by several members to
accompany the Feb - Apr 2011 club meeting presentations.  

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