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[DPRG] The 1st Annual Roomba Beauty Contest 2011

Subject: [DPRG] The 1st Annual Roomba Beauty Contest 2011
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Mar 14 11:23:45 CDT 2011

well, im glad SOMEONE liked it. kids would love it too. anything to insire the kids, right? i mean, c'mon! vacuum cleaners are for girls. if we actually host this kind of contest we would all be pleasantly suprized at the number of girls that will show up. i only know of 2 geeky girls that like electronics and they are both Einsteinettes. all we need now is a female electronics teacher to train them in adrino and such. i doubt any of us could handle a room full of giggley girls by ourselves. 
as far as communicating to the group, im not a disscussion page person. too many threads and stuff. i like the idea of shooting an email to my metntors. i see it as a virtual thinktank. maybe a poll on the dprg website might be a nice touch. we can see what the group thinks about all these various ideas.
...speaking of thinktank, what's the latest with tankbot? does he/she/it have AI onboard? atonomous? the thinktankbot? just a thought.
RoBoTrOcK =]

--- On Sat, 3/12/11, David M Wilson <davidmw at tx.rr.com> wrote:

From: David M Wilson <davidmw at tx.rr.com>
Subject: Re: [DPRG] The 1st Annual Roomba Beauty Contest 2011
To: "vincent lopresti" <spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com>
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011, 5:53 PM

Howdy.  Love the sense of humor behind this contest / email.   Wife is a dance instructor so it hits home in an extra special way.  
Hope you are well and staying busy.  I'm snowed under with work - doing an iPad project for a client and have too many tax forms staring me in the face.

I'm not sure what is with the poor DPRG mailing list response rates.  Almost feels like a high school popularity contest and folks only respond to the cool kids.   I've been telling Paul we need something better so people can focus on topics they are interested in - maybe forums or a social networking site focused on robots / builders.

David Wilson

On Mar 10, 2011, at 3:43 PM, vincent lopresti wrote:

the what?
yes, you heard it right, we're having a beaty contest for robots, mainly Roombas. but any robot wearing glamorous clothing and sexy underwear can participate. hopefully, this will inspire more women to like and date us electronic geeks! it might also attract more potential dprg members. this is a new idea so anything goes. here are my suggestions:
robots must have remote control, preset waypoints & routes, or fully atonomous AI in order to strut down the runway, strike a pose, and strut back off stage behind the curtain. there can be 3 or more categories. best dressed, best strut pattern, and of course a special prize for the roomba who sucks up the most glitter off the floor! we could also have a roomba ballroom dance after the show just for fun. maybe a game of Roomba Red Rover or marco polo, who knows! whatever we decide, i feel it should be easy, low stress and fun for anyone who enters. [in other words, no difficult programming or obstical courses required]
99% of the emails i post receive no response from the group. please at least reply with a 'yes, i like it', or a, 'no, that's stupid'. and maybe a suggestion or two would be nice.
RoBoTrOcK =]
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