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[DPRG] Re: OT - March Baldness

Subject: [DPRG] Re: OT - March Baldness
From: Sluggy! sluggy9912 at swbell.net
Date: Tue Mar 29 08:27:00 CDT 2011

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From: Gary Smith <Gary at ka1j.com>

>> Sorry man,

>> I did my best

It was very close, 49.XX% to 50.XX% at the end. I may not have beat the 
percentages, but between this list, Brothers of the Third Wheel and the Society 
of Creative Anachronism, I had a truly world wide base of friends supporting me 
and that beats them all!

I want to thank everyone for voting and commenting. I'm sure they will do it 
again next year and I'll probably sign up then, too!

Thanks again!

Sluggy / Robert

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