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[DPRG] Notice of upcoming vote: Increase spending authority

Subject: [DPRG] Notice of upcoming vote: Increase spending authority
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Wed Mar 30 22:58:46 CDT 2011

DPRG members,

The bylaws limit how much money the club can spend on non-recurring expenses
without a member vote. The actual limit is not recorded anywhere that I've
seen, but it's rumored to have been set to $75 a long time ago. That is a
silly amount, especially for a club with 80 members and a sizable equipment
inventory, and your board decided to hold a member vote to set it officially
to a higher amount.

As authorized by the recent bylaws changes, there will be an electronic vote
on the matter, and this email is to inform you that the proposed motion
below will be discussed at the next DPRG monthly meeting on April 9, and
then a motion to be voted on will be sent out after the meeting.

Proposed motion:
The Board of Directors may authorize payment for non-recurring expenses or
purchases up to $200 without vote by the members, as allowed by DPRG bylaws
section 9.3.

If you have concerns over the proposed motion, please respond by email or
come to the April 9 meeting where it will be discussed (and possibly


Paul Bouchier
DPRG President

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