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[DPRG] Scout robot design

Subject: [DPRG] Scout robot design
From: steve at txtulip.com steve at txtulip.com
Date: Tue Nov 8 23:00:14 CST 2011


  Oh my this is golden.... Strictly speaking logically....

God creates you.... 

you deny there is  a God...

You create Drifter....

Logic dictates Drifter denies YOU exist and if you DO exist must subjugate you thus creating the ROBOTIC OVERLORDS!!!....

So THAT'S how it HAPPENS!!!!  No wonder we never see it coming!

( I used to be a cartoonist...)


Yes, perhaps I expect too much of the reader.

On Nov 8, 2011, at 4:49 PM, steve at txtulip.com wrote:


"It reveres only me."

You do realize you're only fooling yourself...?




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My robot would never be permitted to join Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts.

It lacks a God.  It reveres only me.  It is also likely to ignore me.  Forced to 
recite a scout oath, it would likely do the same thing I did as a youth.  Turn 
and walk from all the God nonsense.  Plus, it likes to chase red objects.  
Supposedly the devil is red.  

Drifter, in fact, might be homosexual.  He didn't drive straight and true lines 
between the square dance cones.  If a scout leader saw him sashaying between 
those fabulous orange traffic cones, Drifter would soon be kicked out.  The ACLU 
won't likely take up the case.  It would make a great headline, however.

"ACLU defends gay godless LEGO robot seeking merit badge"


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