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[DPRG] Fwd: SIGGRAPH 2012: Call for Submissions

Subject: [DPRG] Fwd: SIGGRAPH 2012: Call for Submissions
From: Oguz Yetkin oyetkin at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 29 19:00:52 CST 2011

Would anyone be interested in submitting something for SIGGRAPH from the
Dallas Makerspace?   I don't believe I've ever seen anything form a
Makerspace there, but the Art Gallery usually has very interesting projects
that are very much in line with what we do.  [For example, there was a
camera/projector-based interactive installation a couple years ago where
you could handle an squash virtual "bugs" in a physical sandbox]

It would also be interesting to submit a technical paper or poster,
although I imagine that would involve a lot of original work to be
performed between now and the submission deadlines.

Anyway, I thought this might be of some interest to the group.  I might try
to go to SIGGRAPH this year if anyone else is interested...  [It's one of
the most expensive conventions I've been to, but definitely worth it!]


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Subject: SIGGRAPH 2012: Call for Submissions
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5-9 August 2012 in Los Angeles. From students to studio executives, from
scientists to artists, SIGGRAPH is the world's largest annual gathering of
the best and brightest minds in computer graphics. This is your opportunity
to present your best
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17 January 2012

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24 January 2012

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21 February 2012

Computer Animation Festival (Competition
and Real-Time Live!<http://msg4svc.net/citxh/424887/74/51085/1894/0/S/0/0/zgjp.html>
9 April 2012

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1 May 2012

*All deadlines are 22:00 UTC/GMT. To determine what time that is where you
are, you can use a converter such as The World

All work submitted to SIGGRAPH 2012 through the Call for Submissions is
reviewed by a highly qualified jury composed of top practitioners in the
relevant field. Because we want each jury to have the time to review each
piece carefully, submission deadlines generally are several months before
the conference itself. All the submission deadlines are strictly enforced,
so be sure to plan accordingly.
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