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[DPRG] PIC Programmer Selection

Subject: [DPRG] PIC Programmer Selection
From: Charles Flagg cflagg79 at hotmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 29 19:54:03 CST 2011

Thanks for the advice Kipton and Randy. Sounds like the PICKIT3 is the way to go.  
I wonder if anyone has experience with the PIC32 platform?
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From: Charles Flagg <cflagg79 at hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 06:50:49 
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Subject: [DPRG] PIC Programmer Selection

I am trying to get back into PIC programming.  I have an HAI controller I built in college based on the PIC16F877A plus several extra chips including some PIC18F452's.  I am looking to purchase a programmer, does anyone have any recommendations? I am considering the PICKIT2, PICKIT3 or PICSTART+.  I have seen blogs indicating they really messed up a good thing going from the PICKIT2 to the PICKIT3.  If my understanding is right, with the PICSTART+ you are programming the chip in the programmer and the PICKIT2/3 are designed to program "in-circuit".  From this stand point, the PICKIT2/3 sounds better.  Is one method more powerful than the other? 
I am also trying to weigh those options against the new PIC32 line, which seems to have a lot more off-the-shelf options available - Multimedia expansion boards, I/O expansion boards, etc.  However, I am not seeing how their DM320004 Ethernet starter kits interface with end devices (I/O) because the PIC32 is central to the programming board.  The only ports on the board are 1 ethernet RJ-45 jack and 2 USB ports.  Do they communicate to external boards and hardware over these ports to accomplish control?  Do they expect you to use one of these whole boards in every application?
Any thoughts?

Charles Flagg

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