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[DPRG] serial to parallel shift register with _individually_ tristate outputs

Subject: [DPRG] serial to parallel shift register with _individually_ tristate outputs
From: Paul Burrell peburrell at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Oct 10 19:20:37 CDT 2011


Not quite sure what you are trying to do, but look at the following. 

TPIC6595 from TI.   The have several version of this part that have different FET capabilities.

It is a 595 shift register with individual open drain FETs.   Although this does not have individual controls for each output, the outputs can be configured to allow for an open state.   When active, it connects to ground.

There is another part similar by IXYS but is much less power and smaller.   It is the MX879.  They have a small family of parts similar.  The MX877 has push/pull capability.

If you are really trying to tristate each output, then the idea of a microcontroller or using some logic after (HC125) should give you what you need.   If you can provide some additional details, there might be some alternative solutions.
Hope this helps.


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Subject: [DPRG] serial to parallel shift register with _individually_ tristate outputs

Does anyone know the part number of a serial-to-parallel shift
register that allows you to set the outputs hi-Z individually?  I'm
having a hard time finding a device because there are many that let
you tristate the whole bank of outputs.

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