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[DPRG] Microsoft VB6

Subject: [DPRG] Microsoft VB6
From: eric at metaldust.com eric at metaldust.com
Date: Thu Oct 20 13:13:23 CDT 2011


Visual basic V6.0 is a different language then VB.Net

Vb.NET 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2010 are all .net Languages

VB6 is discontinued and is not designed to work in 64 bit.

You will also see VBA (Visual basic for Applications) these are 
included in products such as Office, AutoCAD and Solidworks. These are 
based on VB6

There is also VSTA, Which is a .Net replacement for VBA

I will be at tonights makerspace meeting if you want some help getting 
stated with VB.net.

The VS Express version are free and should work for getting started.

Eric Chaney

---Need some advice.......

I want to aquire a copy of VB6.  After looking on E-Bay I found several 
versions. VB6.0  VB6.6, VB6 Professional and VB 2010.  The book I am 
using simply says VB6 with no further explaination.

Question:  is which version is the best buy for the hobby user such as 
myself.  Is VB6.XXX compatable with VB 2010? etc.

I would appreicate any thoughts......

Jim Ward

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