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[DPRG] free robot brain

Subject: [DPRG] free robot brain
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Fri Oct 28 11:53:52 CDT 2011

Ron - I'm using the IAR toolchain (free version). It has a code size limit
(that I haven't hit yet), but has a well-integrated debugger and good
documentation on configuring it for the STM boards. It was really easy to
configure and get it to compile the STM32LDISCOVERY code and download their
demo app & single step it.

The much harder part was understanding the supplied libraries and the
peripherals. :-(


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> Hi Ron,
> On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 8:16 PM, Ron Grant <deltagraph at aol.com> wrote:
> > OK, Vincent,
> >
> > I did everything you said (actually Eric wrote about a week 
> ago), got 
> > my free robot brain today. I plug it in and it blinks and 
> will show me 
> > the accelerometer works when I hold one of the buttons down, cool.
> >
> > Now, maybe someone will have some ideas about easiest / cheapest 
> > compiler to use with it. I see they do have a few sample 
> programs and 
> > a CMSIS compatible library.
> How about free? 
> http://mbed.org/cookbook/Using-mbed-with-gcc-and-eclipse
> https://sites.google.com/site/stm32discovery/open-source-devel

Although this talks about the mbed, using with the LPC, STM, etc are all
pretty much the same. They're all Cortex-Mx based processors.

I haven't played with eclipse yet. I tend to prefer to use my own editor
along with hand-coded makefiles.

Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada

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