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[DPRG] Battery operated DC motor driving

Subject: [DPRG] Battery operated DC motor driving
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Mon Oct 31 09:53:22 CDT 2011

My pleasure, Paul!

I am truly looking forward to seeing some robots happily strolling down a competition arena while being powered by these nifty little "muscles"! Hope you guys enjoy them and if there are any questions on how to optimize their use, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to help!

BTW, there is a little bit of a primer on how to use these H Bridges on one of my latest blog posts: http://ebldc.com/?p=264 It is a two part series in the fashion of an interview with the H Bridge where "he" explains how "he" works and what little tricks you can do with "him". No, I am not in need of psychiatric help as I feel like H Bridges are entities with the capability of talking. At least not yet...

Best regards,

Jose I Quinones
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I want to point out to members that Jose has very kindly donated 10 of these boards as prizes for Roborama 2011b (coming up in 2 weeks). Five have already been won by the first 5 people to register online for Roborama at
Five more will be awarded as prizes.

Thank you Jose


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Subject: [DPRG] Battery operated DC motor driving
Hi Group,

Just wanted to let you know of a new h bridge driver which I think is perfect for the robots the majority of the club works with. It is a batter operated dual H bridge driver so it can take care of the two wheels. It is a tiny chip and I was able to design a minuscule board to take care of the entire application so I am positive this will allow the build of pretty small robots as well.

I documented how to best use this chip on my blog under a series of postings titled an Interview with the DRV8833 where I "interview" the chip. You can find the first part here: http://ebldc.com/?p=264

If you have a chance to read the postings and still find questions that are unanswered, I'll appreciate if you let me know as I am looking to fill all possible gaps on the documentation. Thanks!

BTW, you can take a look at the tiny boards here: http://www.avayanelectronics.com/Products/AE-DualusDC/ae-dualusdc.html I am planning on having this board professionally assembled as I am tired of hand building boards and I think this board will have a lot of acceptance.

Best regards,


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