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[DPRG] OpenBeam T-Slot

Subject: [DPRG] OpenBeam T-Slot
From: David Wilson wilson.david.m at me.com
Date: Mon Apr 2 12:19:41 CDT 2012

I haven't seen this posted to the list, apologies if this is a repeat.

Stumbled on this Kickstarter project.  Info from Terence Tam in the project intro:

"T-Slot extruded aluminum framing systems have been in use throughout the manufacturing and automation industries for machine building, prototyping and robotics applications for the past 30 years.  Unfortunately, all the vendors in this industry utilize a razor and blade business model; while the extrusions are priced low, they require the use of speciality nuts and plates, which can be priced as high as $3.00 per nut and $10.00 per joining plate.

I designed OpenBeam to be a low cost construction system aimed at the hobby and Maker market.  OpenBeam is based around the metric system and 3mm building blocks; to keep the cost of the system low, I designed it to use standard M3 nuts and bolts, available at any good hardware store.  No special fasteners are required. "


David Wilson

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