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[DPRG] DARPA Grand Challenge for Humanoid Robots

Subject: [DPRG] DARPA Grand Challenge for Humanoid Robots
From: Nikropht nikropht at gmail.com
Date: Fri Apr 6 08:48:28 CDT 2012

Is anyone interested in participating?

There are 2 "paths" Hardware and Software. If we choose software only a DoD
Robot will be provided for us to propgram on.

The specific tasks are:

1) The robot will maneuver to a open frame utility vehicle, such as a John
Deere Gator or a Polaris Ranger. The robot is to get into the driver's seat
and drive it to a specified location.

2) The robot is to get out of the vehicle, maneuver to a locked door,
unlock it with a key, open the door, and go inside.

3) The robot will traverse a 100 meter, rubble strewn hallway.

4) At the end of the hallway, the robot will climb an ladder.

5) The robot will locate a pipe that is leaking a yellow-colored gas
(non-toxic, non-corrosive). The robot will then identify a valve that will
seal the pipe and actuate that valve, sealing the pipe.

6) The robot will locate a broken pump and replace it.

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