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[DPRG] Spark Generator Ladder

Subject: [DPRG] Spark Generator Ladder
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Apr 7 09:14:22 CDT 2012


Not to keep on, since you wrote that you were going to do some kind of "green thing".
Sad to think a child might have been inspired by Jacob's ladder to go on and create first practical fusion reactor in their garage in 15 years, but now instead will invent a video game with slightly better realtime fur rendering. Hey, and you would be generating ozone!

Lexan shielded sign transformer sounds like a MUST for pubic display, despite I did an ion rocket demo for class, age 10, using at 12KV sign transformer. Everyone followed my instructions. Don't Touch! 

I am interested in the RF emissions from a Jacobs ladder.  My limited knowledge tells me the emissions of concern would be a brief pulse every time the spark makes it to the top of the ladder and the arc breaks. I would think while the air is being ionized by arc that there would be little RF emitted. What about arc lamps?  Maybe someone could shed some "light" on that subject.


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