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[DPRG] Spark Generator Ladder

Subject: [DPRG] Spark Generator Ladder
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Sat Apr 7 10:10:20 CDT 2012


You may be right about the EMI/RFI, but if you change your mind, 
let me know. I've been a bit surprised that the Jacob's ladder 
doesn't affect the FM radio, TV, or cordless phone in my house. I 
suspect that modern receivers are so discriminating that they 
ignore broadband noise. Also, since the wires are a few feet 
long, the resonant frequency is lower than most of the modern 
stuff. And maybe it's because the ladder isn't like a spark plug 
that causes an impulse that can be heard in the car's AM radio. 
Instead, the Jacob's ladder is a continuous connection through 
plasma, without the impulses that would have higher frequencies. 
During Halloween, I run the thing for several hours, and I 
haven't noticed (nor have I been told about) any problems. That 
does surprise me.

Best to you,
John Swindle

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