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Subject: [DPRG] Fw: Moon Day 2012 - Spaceminers
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Apr 7 23:35:03 CDT 2012

DPRG is wanted @ MoonDay2012!
this year they are offering classes. i'm giving one on Robot Programming 101. i will have close to 40 popular toy robots for kids/adults to experiment with.
i feel that DPRG could really benefit by offering ROS, Adruino, Basic Stamp Classes. at least a taste. good way to generate new members!
also, i have a goal to accumulate 100 robots in one area, turn them all on and let them loose! who knows what could happen. so bring all your robots and join in. i looked on Guiness Book of World Records. there is no 100 robot record of any kind. we may make history folks!
how many robots does DPRG members have collectively? is this on the website? i keep forgetting you guys have a website. always emailin'
[see far below for more info on moon day.]

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Glad to have Spaceminers back again this year.

My biggest hope is for a working tether climber.  It looks like the Astronaut Training Center folks won't be there this year, so we'll likely put your robot roundup area down at the end next to the inflatable planetarium.  This means we should be able to rope off some space for the tether climber.  This would be a really cool display that would garner media attention.

I'll pencil you in for a 1-hour class on Robotics 101 in our Moon Academy program.  Looking forward to the Lunar Sample Bag goodies.

Is there any way you can feel out the Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG) to see if they might be interested in formally participating in Moon Day?  They've generally ignored my inquiries in the past, but as we put more of a STEM focus on the event I'd like to get DPRG as a regular exhibitor.

Let me know about the tether climber.  It's one of my high-priority items for this year.  If not this year certainly for next year, Moon Day V.


Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 20:34:25 -0700
From: spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Moon Day 2012 - Indications of interest
To: murphydyne at hotmail.com

the Spaceminers can offer a light-hearted, hands-on class for kids on programming robots.
Robot Programming 101: Learn how to identify your robot model #, find programming info online, program & customize your robot. also learn how to program two robots to interact with each other. there will be approx 40+ robots to choose from or kids can bring thier own robot. programming class is fairly easy. once they complete the class they will be able to experiment & play with the robots in the robot round-up area. 
we will also have a number of small toy robot give aways. i will try to get 200 and add them to the space bags.

i just built a telepresence robot with cameras, monitors & audio. made from...    you guessed it....     another wheelchair. at the moment, his name is FrankenBot but that might change if i can get him to not look so scary! :(

i will also bring space elevators, anti-grav prototype engine and other neat space stuff. 

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Subject: Moon Day 2012 - Indications of interest

Hello Moon Day Exhibitors!

The Frontiers of Flight Museum & NSS of North Texas are kicking off planning for this year's Moon Day event in Dallas.

What: Moon Day 2012 (our 4th edition)

When: Saturday, July 21st, 2012.  10am - 5pm

Where: Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field

Who: All of you, and more

Why: To celebrate space exploration

How: Your exhibits

We are looking for early commitments to participate in Moon Day with a display.  The earlier we get the commitments, the easier it is to do fundraising and organize marketing efforts.

Our goal for this year: 20 exhibitors!

Our Wish List:
1) NSS of North Texas
2) Dallas Area Rocket Society
3) Texas Astronomical Society
4) Dallas Mars Society
5) The Moon Society
6) Fort Worth Astronomical Society
7) Museum of Nature & Science
8) Astronaut Training Center
9) UTA Planetarium
10) UNT Planetarium
11) Civil Air Patrol
12) Space Miners
13) Dallas Personal Robotics Group
14) Boy Scouts of America
15) UTD Center for Space Sciences
16) Solar System Ambassadors
17) TCU Monnig Meteorite Gallery
18) Noble Planetarium
20) Texas Meteorite Labs
21) AIAA

We'll also be approaching companies and universities about displays.  Highlighting the STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) aspects of the event will help us grow.

What's New for 2012?

* We're formalizing the family-friendly programming into the Moon Academy.  Kids who attend a minimum number of these classes will receive a certificate of space achievement.  If your organization would like to propose a class, please let us know.

* We're formalizing the adult lectures into a Lunar University.  We're looking into getting CE credits for teachers who attend.  Maybe even a Moon Rock Certification class.  If your organization would like to propose a class, please let us know.

* Our Art Show this year is some 150 space-themed LP record covers spanning six decades.  We're working on a method whereby visitors will be able to hear tracks from the LP records with their smartphones.

* We'll have a focus on ISS this year.  There are some display panels down at JSC we're going to try to get shipped up.

* Lone Star Space Commerce.  I'm trying to highlight commercial aspects of space development.  Ideally I can get a couple of displays and a business panel out of it.  Fingers crossed.

* Our Lunar Sample Bags will be back.  200 this year.  The stories we get of kids spreading out the materials on their beds and falling asleep surrounded by space goodies.  Of kids engaged not just for hours but for days poring through the materials they collected at the event.  These are what make participation in Moon Day worthwhile.  We're always looking for ways to add value, and these are a unique signature of our event.

* Some participants have indicated a desire for a lunch option.  If we can find some underwriting we'll look into taking care of you.

At this point we're looking for commitments to participate.  This will help us get an earlier start on the marketing and outreach.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ken Murphy
VP - NSS of North Texas 
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