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[DPRG] Water pressure sensors recomendations?

Subject: [DPRG] Water pressure sensors recomendations?
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Tue Apr 10 14:39:04 CDT 2012

Ditto on the washing machine method. Adam the Answerman on Plano 
Road probably has some cheap ones.

I remember something about aircraft fuel tank levels being 
measured capacitively. If I recall correctly, it was done that 
way because the fuel sloshes around some (not too much or the 
plane flips over) such that floats and pressure sensors wouldn't 
have worked. So, I wonder if the capacitance of the barrel could 
be measured with no sensor other than wires.

The sonar idea wouldn't require a float. The surface of the water 
is reflective. That method, or radar, is used in refinery tanks.

Have fun.

John Swindle

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