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[DPRG] Audio localizer for Roborama 2012a?

Subject: [DPRG] Audio localizer for Roborama 2012a?
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Sun Apr 15 23:51:18 CDT 2012


If anyone wants to use the audio localizer for Roborama 2012a, 
let me know. Since RoboColumbus is indoors, the localizer would 
probably work as well for that contest as it did for SquareDance: 
0.8" repeatable accuracy in about 3 seconds. I'm not planning to 
compete. As before, the biggest issue is how to communicate the 
robot's location from the localizer to the robot.

Have fun with your preparations! I bet everyone hits the cone 
this time (for RoboColumbus).

>From Hong Kong,
John Swindle

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