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Subject: [DPRG] (no subject)
From: Brad garton bgart at iadfw.net
Date: Thu Apr 19 10:29:45 CDT 2012

I have been about to order a BB for a few weeks now, it looks really
interesting to me. I have a Raspberry Pi on order but it doesn't get here
until August. I have an AVR32 EVK1100 right now but haven't ported my code
to it.yet.  I was going to wait on the code being complete before finishing
the port, whatever year that occurs.  There are a lot of web projects using
it, and some pointers in forums but you are correct I do not see a one stop
shop for info on the BB outside the user's guide. 


I have been having a hard time picking between the Atmel SAM, Pic32 chipKIts
boards and the BB. I'm leaning towards BB right now because Atmel Studio
doesn't support the SAM with an MMU, and I favor ARM over MIPs. 


I would be VERY interested in hearing about your experiences with it.  




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Hey Group,


Has anybody worked with the Beagle Boards (Beaglebone in this case)? I
picked one up the other day and they seem like an excellent platform for
embedded Linux which I know a lot of people in the club love to use.


I think I was able to bring my board to life, but now I need to make
something with it. Of course I have no idea where to start, so was hoping to
get some pointers from the experts. I wonder if there is like a book or
something that I can take advantage of. I know there are websites out there
but with something as complex I prefer somebody like a book walking me
through the process other than a dozen guys placing snippets of knowledge
all across a few billion forum posts. Thanks for your input!


Best regards,




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