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Subject: [DPRG] RBNO
From: Brad garton bgart at iadfw.net
Date: Thu Apr 19 11:28:28 CDT 2012

Holy #$%^, I would have no prayer to get that good.... ever. Wonder if
someone could do it on board and autonomous, assuming an unlimited budget
for broken rotor blades. 

For the current bot, because I had problems with the basic mechanics on the
first one. I added a motor controller with RC inputs and can drive it with
RC to get an idea whether the motors are strong enough, platform is too
light, too heavy etc. Even on a simple differential drive robot, my RC skill
wants to send it straight into walls.  I suck. 

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Great RBNO last night, lots of interesting ideas, and John's 3D printer hard
at work making robot parts --- ah brave new world where such things are

In answer to  the question "how much room do you need to fly a big R/C
heli?" and Dick's question "what is the heli equivalent of fixed wing stunt
flying?" here is Alan Szabo Jr (one of the top international
masters) from a few years ago:



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