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[DPRG] Atmel Robotics Competition

Subject: [DPRG] Atmel Robotics Competition
From: Dick Swan dickswan at sbcglobal.net
Date: Thu Apr 26 13:56:18 CDT 2012

Atmel is sponsoring a robotics competition for university students. I have a
group of skilled high school robotics students that I've been mentoring and
am looking for Dallas based full time University students over 18 so that a
blended team of university (or community college) and high school students
can enter the contest. If you're a full-time university/college student and
interested, please send me an email.


Some details on the contest:

.         All embedded microprocessors must be Atmel parts.

.         Robots must use a DFRobotics 4-wheel drive platform as their
starting point. Modifications (e.g. different motors, wheels, etc) are
allowed as long as the metal chassis is still used.

.         The challenge involves collecting 2 golf balls and 2 ping pong
balls from "pedestals" (short pieces of vertical PVC pipe) and carrying them
to collection boxes on the other side of the 4' x 4' course. Balls need to
be sorted as there are separate boxes for each ball type. 

.         Robot must navigate one of two courses from the pedestals to the
collection boxes:

o   One course is a zig zag line following pattern

o   Second course is a shorter line following course with the addition of a
ramp. The ramp is two parallel "planks" which is why 4WD is used. Obviously
there's no line to follow while travelling up and down the ramp.

.         Above is for autonomous operation. There's also a simpler mode
where the robot can be remote controlled.


Competition timeline:

1.       Applications are due May 18th. Application involves a description
of the design approach and robot architecture. 

2.       Atmel will select up to 100 entrants to move on to the next stage.

3.       Submit a video of your robot in action in August. 

4.       Atmel will select six robots for an actual competition at their
developer's conference in September. Atmel will cover travel costs for up to
four team members to the conference.

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