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[DPRG] Cheap source for Vex sensor cables

Subject: [DPRG] Cheap source for Vex sensor cables
From: Paul Bouchier paul.bouchier at gmail.com
Date: Sun Apr 29 10:34:19 CDT 2012

A frequent problem I run into is how to connect X to a Vex controller,
where X may be a servo, ultrasonic ranging sensor, or whatever. The
Vex controllers require those crazy male headers which you can't find
anywhere. You can buy these:
http://www.vexrobotics.com/3-wire-cables.html at $30 for 4, and hack them up.
 (OK - I haven't tried Digikey - I guess AMP probably makes the pins
and shells, along with a million similar-looking things.)

I just found Tanners has 12" 3-wire M-F extension cables for $0.99.
They're in one of the 2 areas where 0.1" pitch connectors live. The
male end has a shroud, but it pulls off with a little force from some
pliers, exposing the pins which plug nicely into a Vex Cortex. You can
clip the female end off and terminate to bare wires, or use it with
0.1" header strips (which effectively is a M-M connector) to connect
to another 0.1" pitch female connector such as that of a standard

Don't buy them all up before I get down there to get some more.


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