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[DPRG] Reminder:Roborama 2012b tomorrow

Subject: [DPRG] Reminder:Roborama 2012b tomorrow
From: Paul Bouchier paul.bouchier at gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 15 09:45:03 CST 2012

One more thing to bring, if you're going to be working on a robot: portable
table & chair to work at. (I have some, but not enough for everyone, most


On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Paul Bouchier <paul.bouchier at gmail.com>wrote:

> When: Sun Dec 16 11am - 4pm - you don't have to stay the whole time - drop
> by & see the robots trying the course
> Where: Paul's place: 129 Woodrow Circle, Little Elm, TX 75068, ph
> 214-906-4268 (cell)
> What to bring: Robots, a side dish to share if you come at lunchtime
> (Jason will be providing meat to grill) and whatever you want to drink.
> Terrain: mainly grass and a lake.. Nothing too extreme.
> The course will be made as large as possible.
> We will be using marker flags to out line the course. You can replace them
> with what ever you like.
> The markers will be 5-8 feet wide depending on how we can layout course.
> It will include a 90 degree turn and a 180 degree turn and will be like a
> race track so it will end where it starts.
> Points will be awarded for each gate you drive through.
> If more then one completes the course then it will be distance from start.
> We only have some basic rules for the robots.
> 1. NO flying robots.
> 2. All robots must be equipped with a kill switch of some type.
> 3. The robot can not travel any faster then robot maker can run after it.
> 4. The robot must fit on the course.
> NO prizes will be awarded the first time running this course.
> The idea here is to enjoy the challenge. Lets try to complete the course as
> it stands. Enjoy the freedom. I don't care if the robot follows you around
> the course. A few hour trial time will exist before official runs to dial
> in your robot to the course.
> Paul
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