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[DPRG] outdoors sunday

Subject: [DPRG] outdoors sunday
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Mon Dec 17 17:02:09 CST 2012

I'm thinking there were 4 or 5 robots actually running throughout the day.
That doesn't count mine which scratched due to a steering servo malfunction.
I think Patrick took the distance title completing over 1/2 of the course.
Hopefully someone will provide a better update.  There was also pretty good
turn-out from on-looking DPRG membership.

I'm up for another crack at it in the spring.  I don't think it should
replace Roborama-A, but I also don't see why it couldn't run at the same
time as an exposition event.  There was nothing scary about those robots
moseying along - if anybody took video, it would be easy to demonstrate to
park officials that this is something safe to do just about anywhere.  Yes,
it would split-the-field between indoor and outdoor contestants and judges.
Which was a bummer to many at the last Roborama-A.  So if folks don't want
to sacrifice the opportunity to do both, separate contests are still an
option.  The outdoor contest could likely do with a few more informal
iterations before going public.

Just thinking out loud. Give more weight to what other say since they
actually put in the time to organize these things.  Much appreciation to
Jason and Paul and everybody else that helped pull it off.  The hospitality
was great.



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Subject: [DPRG] outdoors sunday

This list has been awfully quiet for  a group with a contest just a few 
days away!   I'm still not quite clear as to who is entering besides 
Jason  (who is the contest designer after all,
wink-wink-nudge-nudge-say-no-more ;)

Anyway,  I'm home recovering from some surgery this week and 
unfortunately won't be able to make it on Sunday.   If there is enough 
interest to do another outdoor contest, later this spring or maybe next
fall, I hope to have jBot back up and running, and field an entry.

On that topic, I think Mike's Hobby outdoor off-road track would make a
great venue for a robot contest (90 and 180 degree turns, dirt and gravel,
lots of hills and valleys, no liability problems), and Mike is amenable, so
tuck that away as a future possibility.

Best of luck to all participants and observers!

happy roboting,

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