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[DPRG] outdoors sunday

Subject: [DPRG] outdoors sunday
From: Doug Paradis paradug at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:17:07 CST 2012

I agree with you, Karim. I'm up for another crack this Spring or early
Spring (February?).
In my post-mortem of my robot's run, I found some things that were easy to
fix. I itching
to do some more practice runs around my local park.

I also would *not* want to preempt Roborama2013a. I am hoping that we can
work out
Roborama2013a's contests as early as possible. I hope to discuss it at RBNO

This Tuesday at RBNO, Richard and I are also planning to work through
installing an open
source ARM tool chain as the first step for a new outdoor robot using the
STM32F3 discovery
board. This board has an on-board IMU. If anyone is interested, they are
welcome to join us.

Doug P.

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Karim Virani <karim at compuguru.com> wrote:

> I'm thinking there were 4 or 5 robots actually running throughout the day.
> That doesn't count mine which scratched due to a steering servo
> malfunction.
> I think Patrick took the distance title completing over 1/2 of the course.
> Hopefully someone will provide a better update.  There was also pretty good
> turn-out from on-looking DPRG membership.
> I'm up for another crack at it in the spring.  I don't think it should
> replace Roborama-A, but I also don't see why it couldn't run at the same
> time as an exposition event.  There was nothing scary about those robots
> moseying along - if anybody took video, it would be easy to demonstrate to
> park officials that this is something safe to do just about anywhere.  Yes,
> it would split-the-field between indoor and outdoor contestants and judges.
> Which was a bummer to many at the last Roborama-A.  So if folks don't want
> to sacrifice the opportunity to do both, separate contests are still an
> option.  The outdoor contest could likely do with a few more informal
> iterations before going public.
> Just thinking out loud. Give more weight to what other say since they
> actually put in the time to organize these things.  Much appreciation to
> Jason and Paul and everybody else that helped pull it off.  The hospitality
> was great.
> Best,
> Karim
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> This list has been awfully quiet for  a group with a contest just a few
> days away!   I'm still not quite clear as to who is entering besides
> Jason  (who is the contest designer after all,
> wink-wink-nudge-nudge-say-no-more ;)
> Anyway,  I'm home recovering from some surgery this week and
> unfortunately won't be able to make it on Sunday.   If there is enough
> interest to do another outdoor contest, later this spring or maybe next
> fall, I hope to have jBot back up and running, and field an entry.
> On that topic, I think Mike's Hobby outdoor off-road track would make a
> great venue for a robot contest (90 and 180 degree turns, dirt and gravel,
> lots of hills and valleys, no liability problems), and Mike is amenable, so
> tuck that away as a future possibility.
> Best of luck to all participants and observers!
> happy roboting,
> dpa
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