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[DPRG] A/C currently offline

Subject: [DPRG] A/C currently offline
From: Gus Reiter scorpiogustx at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Jul 10 17:37:33 CDT 2012

Hey all, it is a bit toasty in here today.

Forwarding announcement from Peter Smith of the Dallas Makerspace:

Fyi, the A/C is currently offline at the space.  Thankfully today is a very moderate temperature day.

I just visited and did a quick diagnosis on the problem.  It seems to me to be the classic blower motor non-start.  When the A/C is switched on you can hear the compression of the cooling line, so the compressor on the roof is working fine.  What isn't working is the interior blower motor.  The motor gives a very audible HUMM as it sits trying to spin up the blower.

Is anyone (else) willing to assist with either further troubleshooting and/or finagling the blower start-up capacitor, blower motor, etc?  If not then we will schedule a professional A/C service.

Thanks to Robert D., Paul B., and Edward K. .


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