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[DPRG] [DMS] Moon Day exhibition NEXT WEEK

Subject: [DPRG] [DMS] Moon Day exhibition NEXT WEEK
From: Karim Virani karim at bigthought.org
Date: Mon Jul 16 01:09:28 CDT 2012


Iron Reign, the robotics team that I coach would like to participate.  We competed in Moonbots 2011 last summer and have just tonight submitted our entry for Moonbots 2012.  Last year we were selected as finalists, moving on to compete in phase 2 where we built a 7 foot square lunar field out of LEGOs and earned 135 mission point with our robot and were awarded the McGyver award.  I'll bring at least 4 team members and possibly more.  We are prepared to set up our field again and re-run the mission.  It might not be tweaked to full competition form, but we still have the robot and program.  The space requirement is large though.  If we setup the full field we'll need a 7x10 foot area for a table and the field.  We can bring it all ourselves.  We can also show our video essays from a laptop.  In moonbots, you become a finalist if your video essay is good enough.  I have access to a good projector too.  If there is not enough room for the full field, we can just bring laptops, the robot and talk about it.

Take a look:

Iron Reign Moonbots 2012 Video Essay (just submitted): http://youtu.be/zgCrAi7pCPY?hd=1
Iron Reign Moonbots 2012 Competition Run: http://youtu.be/os0wV6ep-oQ?hd=1
Iron Reign Moonbots 2012 Competition Run - Robot's POV: http://youtu.be/vFc_IgKTJ2Q
Iron Reign Moonbots 2011 Video Essay: http://youtu.be/2o13xROVygQ
The Moonbots 2012 Official Website: http://www.moonbots.org/
Iron Reign Team Page at Moonbots: http://www.moonbots.org/teams/iron-reign

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Saturday morning, the museum will be open after 8am for setup.  Doors open at 10am.  You will find your organization's name on your display table on the main floor.  I'll try to send a map around to everyone by the end of the week.

Please make sure we wear some kind of logo apparel so that people can identify which group they're with.

I need a list of names so I can make sure they get them all. So if you could respond by tuesday that would be great. So far I have Paul Bouchier, Doug P, John K and Jeffry Portell. Am i missing nay othter people who committed.

Jason Henriksen

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 12:33 PM, Paul Bouchier <paul.bouchier at gmail.com<mailto:paul.bouchier at gmail.com>> wrote:
Here are the details:
Moon Day
Sat July 21, 10am - 5pm
Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field, 6911 Lemmon
Please confirm your participation to Jason so he can make sure
everyone's coordinated.

Would be good to get a DMS exhibit in addition to DPRG exhibit. Like
maybe the space balloon stuff.

More at

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