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[DPRG] Red Bull Creation

Subject: [DPRG] Red Bull Creation
From: Greg Needel greg at robogreg.com
Date: Tue Jul 17 08:26:57 CDT 2012

TL:DR: the build is going to happen at the Dallas Maker Space from ~7pm
on Thursday till ~7pm on Sunday. Everyone is invited to be part of it.


On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:29 PM, Greg Needel <greg at robogreg.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
>    As some of you may know I qualified for the Redbull creation
> competition (a 72 hour straight build a thon). I built my qualifier at IFI
> and was originally planing on doing the 72 hour build there also, but due
> to circumstances beyond my control I am not able to use those facilities
> anymore.  Previously I had some serious restrictions due to security
> and intellectual property about inviting anyone from the DMS to build at
> IFI, but now with the change of venue it is going to be a party!   The
> build starts this Thursday (7/19) around 7pm and stops 72 hours from then.
>  This competition is all about creativity and just doing something cool,
> which is what the maker space is all about.  I know that this is short
> notice, but I would appreciate anyone who would like to come and help, even
> for a short time.
> The way the event works, is at ~7pm on Thursday they will give us a topic
> and we build whatever we want during that time. Our build site will be
> webcast and people from all over the world can tune into us and the 11
> other teams competing.  After the event there will be online voting to
> determine a winner for a chance to win $10,000 which we can divide how ever
> the team decides (give to the space, divide among the members, etc). Also
> the top 3 selected teams will have their creation and 4 members sent to the
> Maker Faire in NYC this fall.
> The change of venue was a stumbling block, but i think the silver lining
> is it gives us the opportunity to open it up to more makers.  If you think
> you are going to want to participate for more than a few hours please let
> me know so I can plan accordingly,  If you only want to stop by and see the
> chaos, please do at anytime.
> I'll probably be down at the space on wed or early Thursday to setup a bit
> but I will see you all on Thursday night!
> You can find out more at www.redbullcreation.com
> Greg
> P.S. I have been informed they will be giving us plenty of redbull :-)
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