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[DPRG] Red Bull Creation

Subject: [DPRG] Red Bull Creation
From: Greg Needel greg at robogreg.com
Date: Thu Jul 19 10:38:35 CDT 2012

Hey all,
   I have been getting some questions as to what this is all about, so
I thought I would explain a bit more.

Last year some of the production guys from Maker Faire pitched an idea
to Redbull and started this competition called creation, the sole
purpose is just to build something cool in 72 hours. The time limit is
there as a challenge so that you can push yourself to see what can be
finished.  Last year they flew teams of 4 to NYC for the build, it was
very fun, but very expensive.  So this year they decided to switch it
up a bit and do this competition as a webcast where you build in your
own space.  This year they hosted a qualifier again, which I built
with some friends and we once again were selected.  You can see all
the qualifiers here

I was forced to change the build location from where it was going to
be to the Maker Space due to a number of reasons but the good thing
about this is that now it is opened up to more people. You see there
is no limit to the size of a team, and just like any build, the more
people you have the greater the amount of stuff you can accomplish
(especially since the time frame is short.

This competition should actually be quite a big deal for the
makerspace, as now we will be getting national recognition for being 1
of only 12 teams competing.  The other teams are from other
hackerspaces and companies from around the US.  Some noteable teams we
will be competing with include the guys behind the website
Hackaday.com and a team from the website instructables.com   You can
see all the teams at www.redbullcreation.com  Our team name is
"midnight invention"

As for what we will be building, I honestly don't know at this point.
They will give us a theme and say "go" and we can build anything that
relates to the theme as long as it is finished within the time period.
 Last year the topic was "energy in motion" which meant we had to
build a device to transport a member of the team without using fossil
fuels.  The topic will be broad enough that we can build almost
anything. Once again, the main idea is that we will have fun build a
big project and challenge ourselves.

So here is the deal, tonight at 8pm the time starts and we start
designing and building, I welcome anyone who is slightly interested in
being involved to come check it out.  If you can help out for a few
hours, Great! If you want to say awake the entire 72 hours with us,
that is awesome!  One of the things that I think has been missing at
the space is a big project. Not since the Tedx at SMU have we come
together to do something really big.  I know this is very last min,
and I don't have the relationship with alot of the new members as many
of the old, but trust me when I say that you will not regret getting

I hope to see you all tonight and if you have any other questions
please feel free to contact me either by email or by phone.


On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 8:26 AM, Greg Needel <greg at robogreg.com> wrote:
> TL:DR: the build is going to happen at the Dallas Maker Space from ~7pm on
> Thursday till ~7pm on Sunday. Everyone is invited to be part of it.
> Greg
> On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:29 PM, Greg Needel <greg at robogreg.com> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>>    As some of you may know I qualified for the Redbull creation
>> competition (a 72 hour straight build a thon). I built my qualifier at IFI
>> and was originally planing on doing the 72 hour build there also, but due to
>> circumstances beyond my control I am not able to use those facilities
>> anymore.  Previously I had some serious restrictions due to security and
>> intellectual property about inviting anyone from the DMS to build at IFI,
>> but now with the change of venue it is going to be a party!   The build
>> starts this Thursday (7/19) around 7pm and stops 72 hours from then.  This
>> competition is all about creativity and just doing something cool, which is
>> what the maker space is all about.  I know that this is short notice, but I
>> would appreciate anyone who would like to come and help, even for a short
>> time.
>> The way the event works, is at ~7pm on Thursday they will give us a topic
>> and we build whatever we want during that time. Our build site will be
>> webcast and people from all over the world can tune into us and the 11 other
>> teams competing.  After the event there will be online voting to determine a
>> winner for a chance to win $10,000 which we can divide how ever the team
>> decides (give to the space, divide among the members, etc). Also the top 3
>> selected teams will have their creation and 4 members sent to the Maker
>> Faire in NYC this fall.
>> The change of venue was a stumbling block, but i think the silver lining
>> is it gives us the opportunity to open it up to more makers.  If you think
>> you are going to want to participate for more than a few hours please let me
>> know so I can plan accordingly,  If you only want to stop by and see the
>> chaos, please do at anytime.
>> I'll probably be down at the space on wed or early Thursday to setup a bit
>> but I will see you all on Thursday night!
>> You can find out more at www.redbullcreation.com
>> Greg
>> P.S. I have been informed they will be giving us plenty of redbull :-)

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