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[DPRG] Redbull in Dallas for video 7/3 - 7/5

Subject: [DPRG] Redbull in Dallas for video 7/3 - 7/5
From: Greg Needel greg at robogreg.com
Date: Sun Jul 29 08:46:30 CDT 2012

Hey All,
   Redbull Contacted me and wanted to let me know that we were chosen to do
a feature webisode about the maker moment in Dallas.  The topic they are
filming for is called "Building the future"  a series of videos from
different cities each with a theme. Some examples are (detroit -
rebuilding, san francisco - lifestyle, etc).  The topic for Dallas is "High
Tech professionals" as a response to our deep involvement in Robotics, and
our more complex then other Redbull Builds. What they are looking for are
people that they can interview (with projects present) that can talk about
why and what you make.

They will be here next week Saturday - Monday and are willing to work
around people's schedules. Additionally they are willing to come to you if
you have a project they like which is not mobile.

An idea which I have spoken to andrew about is if we want to have a "Maker
BBQ" on Sunday the 5th Where people bring their projects and we all hangout
giving the Redbull folks the opportunity to meet people and get the footage
they need.

What I need from you (today if possible) is your personal interest in being
involved in this video and what project you would like to show off.  The
real focus of this video is what makes the dallas maker movement different,
so while 3d printers and laser cutters are cool, the emphasis should be on
different projects and people.


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