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[DPRG] Redbull in Dallas for video 7/3 - 7/5

Subject: [DPRG] Redbull in Dallas for video 7/3 - 7/5
From: Dick Swan dickswan at sbcglobal.net
Date: Sun Jul 29 16:55:38 CDT 2012



I'm interested in involvement in the video. I can offer a couple of
potential topics:


1.       I work with a group of high school students on robotics projects
and a few of their projects might be interesting. In particular,

a.       A "Remote Controlled NERF Machine Gun". They built a large pan-tilt
base from VEX mechanicals and control it from a VEX remote control.

b.      We built a couple of quadcopters and could display them.

c.       They're currently working on an Entry for Atmel's College Robotics
Competition to be held at the New York Maker Faire in September. What we can
show is three different line following robots that they've built so far.
Physically they're similar and based on a Parallax Boe-Bot with an Arduino
controller but have different control software algorithms. This past winter
the boys were beta testers of the original prototypes of the Arduino shield
for the BoeBot. They're writing several magazine articles as a fund raising
activity for their travel costs to New York.

d.      They've built a scratch built remote control using X-Bee and a
couple of joysticks to control a Arduino based Parallax Boe-Bot.

(C) and (D) are currently working. (A) and (B) used to work but need to be
dusted off to confirm they still work. I'll check with the kids to ensure
they're interested and available next weekend.


2.       I'm the principal developer of ROBOTC. It's an inexpensive
commercial programming environment for small robots. It currently supports
LEGO and VEX robots and we're just releasing a version for Arduino. The
tie-in to the "Building the Future" is that its targeted for educational use
in middle and high schools; it's currently deployed in about 10,000 schools
and has about 200K student users every year.


The "Virtual World" feature of ROBOTC is an interesting feature that would
show well in a video; it allows you to simulate your robot in a realistic
3-D PC-based graphical environment with software code that can then run on a
real robot. Very useful in a school environment where there are many more
students than real physical robots.


I leave it to you / Redbull to decide whether any of the above is


NOTE: I'm a DPRG member, but not a MakerSpace member.





Dick Swan

972 407 1972 (home office)

214 755 7479 (mobile)



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Subject: [DPRG] Redbull in Dallas for video 7/3 - 7/5


Hey All,

   Redbull Contacted me and wanted to let me know that we were chosen to do
a feature webisode about the maker moment in Dallas.  The topic they are
filming for is called "Building the future"  a series of videos from
different cities each with a theme. Some examples are (detroit - rebuilding,
san francisco - lifestyle, etc).  The topic for Dallas is "High Tech
professionals" as a response to our deep involvement in Robotics, and our
more complex then other Redbull Builds. What they are looking for are people
that they can interview (with projects present) that can talk about why and
what you make.  


They will be here next week Saturday - Monday and are willing to work around
people's schedules. Additionally they are willing to come to you if you have
a project they like which is not mobile.   


An idea which I have spoken to andrew about is if we want to have a "Maker
BBQ" on Sunday the 5th Where people bring their projects and we all hangout
giving the Redbull folks the opportunity to meet people and get the footage
they need. 


What I need from you (today if possible) is your personal interest in being
involved in this video and what project you would like to show off.  The
real focus of this video is what makes the dallas maker movement different,
so while 3d printers and laser cutters are cool, the emphasis should be on
different projects and people. 








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